Dislike vocabulary for IELTS speaking

There are many ways to say you dislike something or somebody. Again, it is a good idea to use adverbs (a bita littlerathera little bitquitefairly, absolutely and others) with dislike words. Take a look at the list of dislike vocabulary for IELTS speaking Part 1 and Part 2

dislike vocabulary for IELTS speaking Part 1

*I am not keen on travelling. Tracy is not that keen on Mexican food.

*I don’t particularly enjoy writing essays

*I am not a fan of

*I am not fond of

*He is not into

*I don’t find something or somebody interesting/appealing

*Keeping my flat clean can be a tedious task (boring and continuing for too long)

*The plot of the movie was absolutely awful

*I can’t stand garlic (when a person dislikes someone or something very much). James just can’t stand his classmate. I can’t stand listening to alternative rock

*I simply loathe having to get out early every day (to dislike someone or something very much) He simply loathes his co-workers

*Michelle detests politics (to dislike it intensely). I detest eating in our school canteen.

*Violence on TV disgusts me (a very strong feeling of not liking something). The idea of cheating fills me with disgust.

*Rude behavior repels me (to cause aversion or distaste) She repelled me with her harshness

*I view test taking as a stressful situation and really dread it (to feel very worried about something that might happen or something that is going to happen). He dreads Task 1 writing

*The traffic in Los Angeles is an absolute nightmare

Usually you can add preference

I prefer cycling because it helps me to keep fit

I prefer films to books because …

If I had the choice, I’d + (any verb – use, choose, buy)… because …

If I had the choice, I’d rather + (any verb – use, choose, buy)… because

If I have the choice, I’ will + (any verb – use, choose, buy) ….

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