Go Green in the City and win a trip to Paris

Go Green in the City 2016

Go Green in the City — the ultimate global student competition for sustainable energy solutions — has returned. In teams of two, students from all over the world are invited to enter the competition and share their innovative solutions to real world business challenges within energy management. Enter now to learn, engage, create, and make a real change in the world!

The 12 finalist teams will be invited to travel to Paris in September 2016 where they will present their ideas to a prominent jury, competing for a trip around the world and a career opportunity at Schneider Electric*.

Deadline: April 15, 2016


Business and engineering students pursuing their bachelor’s (at least 2nd year), master’s, or MBA degree are eligible to compete. Go Green in the City 2016 is open to two-member teams with at least one female member (note: both members must comply with the degree requirements stated above). Both of the team members must study in the same country for the duration of the competition. They are not, however, required to be from the same university, nor are they required to study the same subject or be in the same year, as long as they are not in their first year of their undergraduate education. English language competency is required. Teams from all over the world are welcome to compete.

No exceptions can be made regarding the terms of the eligibility requirements.

All branches of engineering and business programs are accepted.


Winners’ Prize

Members of the winning team will receive an opportunity to work with Schneider Electric and also win a world tour* as they visit Schneider Electric offices in two different countries. A few of the many highlights of the trip involve: interacting with Schneider Electric business leaders and employees; learning from these professionals and using their expertise to map out the perfect career plan; and spending memorable time exploring the destination cities.


Finalists will receive a digital certificate for winning the semi-finals for their region and also a memento from the Go Green in the City final competition. All finalists are invited to the final event in Paris; all travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Schneider Electric.


Semi-finalists will receive a digital certificate for their accomplishment in the challenge. They will also get an opportunity to work with a mentor from Schneider Electric and a chance to complete a digital interview. All participants will receive a digital certificate of participation sent to the email address used for registration

Entry Procedure:

* Create your account here and confirm your account.

Now you’re ready to take on the challenge! Fill in your Profile. You will also be asked to upload your CV and a photo of yourself (passport size).

*Team Up

Find a teammate with whom you will revolutionize the energy management industry. Your team partner must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above. You can even search for people to team up with on the competition platform if you don’t have a teammate yet! Form your team by inviting your partner from the Team page and decide on a team name.

*Submit a Great Idea for Intelligent Energy Management in a City

Your task is to come up with an intelligent idea for efficient energy management in a city environment. The idea should address one of the challenges related to growing cities and the energy dilemma, and it should present an innovative solution for the challenge. You can present it as a textual description (max. 300 words) or as an info-graphic. Please see here for format specifications. Work on the case together with your partner, and submit your solution in one of the formats described in details. When you are ready, upload the case solution to the Team page.

 Official Page

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