Maps IELTS: vocabulary Part 1

Learn new words in the vocabulary for Maps IELTS Writing Task 1 lesson. This is a group of the most common verbs you need to know to describe changes in maps.

To make bigger

EnlargeTo make larger in size                                                                                                         

Example: The building in Newnham Road was enlarged in 1998.

Expand To increase the size or scope of something.

Example: Youngstown aeronautics campus will be expanded in 2020. School administration expanded building #1 by adding a second department.

ExtendTo cause (something) to be longer, wider.

Example: The local government of Los Angeles extended the subway line into the next village. The New York Metro Purple Line has been extended westwards from the Wilshire station to Stanford station.

Take away

Cut down, chop down, clear, fell, removeto remove, to reduce the number (usually trees, woodland)

Example: The forest was cut down and replaced with a school.                                                       

Example: The trees will be chopped down in 2017.                                                                 

Example: The woodland has been cleared                                                                       

Example: Pine trees were felled.                                                                                              

Example: Trees are removed along Interstate 77 near Ben Drive Road.

Demolish, knock down, pull downto break apart the structure                                                     

Example: The building was demolished. A historic building is set to be demolished. The row of old houses had been pulled down by 2015.

Add something new

Build, Construct, Erect – to build

Example: A new school will have been built by 2019.

Example: Located on the island 110 miles off the coast, the hotel is constructed in the eastern part.

Example: A pier was erected in line with entertainment facilities where tourists could access boats and yachts.

Introduce – to bring in; establish                                                                                          

Example: A bike share scheme was introduced in 2007.


Example: The roads in St.John’s street have been modernized. A zebra crossing and traffic lights have been added.

Change into something else

Convert, turn into, make into to change into something

Example: An old factory will be converted into a police station.                                          

Example: A covered market was turned into a children playground.                                             

Example: The disused warehouse in the north of the city was made into a shopping mall.

RedevelopTo restore (buildings or neighborhoods) to a better condition: to rebuild or replan a building, area.

Example: Central part of London was completely redeveloped and modernized. They built a new cinema complex and a row of new bars near the financial district.

Replaceto take the place of

Example: There used to be a shopping complex in the west of the city, but it was replaced by a modern hospital.

Remodelto change or alter the structure or style                                                                

Example: A 197-room Brighton hotel is being remodeled to accommodate 1000 people.

Make way for (to), give way for (to) – replace

Example: The block of low-rise flats made way for a sports complex.

Example: The block of high-rise flats had given way to a sports complex by 2001.

Transformto change                                                                                                                      

Example: A prison was transformed into a new train station.


ModernizeTo make modern

Example: The area was completely modernized.

RenovateTo restore to an earlier condition

Example: An entire airport will have been renovated by 2030.

If something happens

Take place, occur

Example: The developments took place (occurred) in the coastal town of Tossa de Mar from 1960 to 1970.


Undergo, witness, see                                                                                                                      

Example: Over the period, the area witnessed (underwent, saw, experienced) dramatic changes

This is part 1 of Maps IELTS, so please take a look at part 2 to learn about noun phrases, locations and additional vocabulary for Map diagrams.


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