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Smartgrantist would like to share valuable international student experience with our visitors. Getting a scholarship is not just some financial help; it is also a symbol of perseverance and hard work. Meet the students who paved their path to academic achievement.

Ivana is from Serbia, a PhD student in Jena School for microbial communication. She received a PhD scholarship in 2011 to study in Jena, Germany.

Tell us about selection process?

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JSMC PhD Fellowship recipient

Ivana: Selection of applicants for the JSMC PhD Fellowships funding for a 3-year doctoral research project including employment and research budget is organized in JSMC Recruitments. Once or twice a year, JSMC Recruitment Calls are launched with up to 20 research projects being offered per call. Applications for the JSMC Fellowships are invited from young researchers from all over the world. The candidate selection procedure consists of online application and then after the first selection, candidates are invited to Germany for interviews and all the costs are covered. When I was interviewed, they asked me to prepare a presentation where I would present what I had done during my master’s program and why I was interested to do the project which they proposed. It is a very competitive scholarship, but my experience is quite positive, so I would recommend people who wish to pursue their PhD in biology, chemistry or bioinformatics to consider this program.

Aina is an Open Society Foundation (OSF)/Cambridge Trust scholarship recipient from Kazakhstan. She received this scholarship to pursue her MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2011.

Open Society Foundation (OSF)/Cambridge Trust scholarship
Open Society Foundation (OSF)/Cambridge Trust scholar

What helped you to get this scholarship?

Aina: when I was doing my undergraduate studies, I realized that having only excellent and good grades is not enough. My plan was to gain hands-on experience, so I decided to implement social action projects. The best way was to enroll in a local student organization, AIESEC and volunteer with the help of American corner. I must say that it definitely helped me immensely to understand the principles of grant writing and organizing social projects. Another crucial moment is to learn how to write your motivation letter. It can be a tough process, but it is worth doing! I just want to say that do not be afraid of applying. If you work hard, you will reap the benefits. I hope I can share soon with Smartgrantist’s visitors some tips and tricks.



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