The Club 21 Scholarship 2016 for bachelor’s and master’s degree

Applications close on 31st March 2016.

Open to any nationality pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies


Launched in 2012 to celebrate Club 21’s 40th Anniversary, the Club 21 Scholarship is a bond-free merit scholarship intended to develop individuals with exceptional personal vision, drive and potential.

The Club 21 Scholarship is open to all students studying any field relevant to a career in the fashion and retail management industries. It is open to individuals of all nationalities and valued at up to SGD10,000 per year.

The Club 21 Scholar is one who embodies exceptional personal vision, drive and potential. He/She possesses passion and potential to succeed in their own careers as well as the commitment to give back to the community through public education, teaching, mentorship and leadership.


Application Checklist

We recommend preparing the following to ensure a smooth application process:

1) Personal Information

  1. Personal Particulars
  2. Recent photo of yourself (saved in the format of “Last Name_First Name_Photo.jpeg”)
  3. Contact details (valid email address and Skype ID)
  4. Scanned copies of your identification (saved in the format of “Last Name_First Name_Identification_front.jpeg” and “Last Name_First Name_Identification_back.jpeg”

2) Personal Statement

  1. A short statement about you, your aspirations and career vision (250 word limit)
  2. Choose one word to describe yourself and explain why (100 word limit)
  3. Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio, if any (saved in the format of “Last Name_First Name_CV.pdf” and “Last Name_First Name_portfolio.pdf” respectively)

3) Employment details, if any

  1. Details of current occupation and employer, if any
  2. The name and contact details of any family member(s) who is/are employed by Club 21 or its associated companies, if any

4) Education history

  1. Academic transcripts from the last two educational institutions you attended (saved in the format of “Last Name_First Name_Transcript.pdf”

5) Interests and Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. Extra-curricular activities record, Awards, Honours and Professional Certifications

6) Course of Study

  1. Details of the Institution and course of study you wish to attend/are attending
  2. Reasons for enrolling/application to this institution and course of study
  3. Anticipated expenses (SGD), including tuition fees
  4. Plans for funding expenses

7) Character References

  1. Information and contact details of three character referees who are contactable by both phone and email

8) Relevant Documents

  1. Any other relevant supporting documents (saved in the format of “Last Name_First Name_Photo.pdf”)

*File size of individual attachments should not exceed 10MB each.


  1. The Club 21 Scholarship (Scholarship) is allocated for a maximum of 3 years for bachelor programmes and 2 years for graduate programmes. At the absolute discretion of the Selection Committee, the Scholarship may be extended by one year, upon application, for those pursuing an honours or thesis year and whose progress is deemed satisfactory.
  2. There is no bond attached to the Scholarship.

Selection Process

  1. Selection interviews in person or on Skype will be conducted from April onward
  2. All shortlisted candidates will be informed of the results of their interviews by the end of July.
  3. The awards will be made by the Selection Committee appointed by, and including, the management of Club 21.
  4. Club 21 reserves the right to discretion on scholarship eligibility, the value of each scholarship awarded, up to SGD $10,000 SGD per annum and other aspects of the Scholarship programme at any time and at its absolute discretion.
  5. The Selection Committee’s decisions are final and no appeals will be entertained. The Selection Committee reserves the right not to award any scholarship in a given year.

For enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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