UCAS Scholarship for International Students 2016

Deadline: March 31, 2016

UCAS Scholarship China master's degree PhD


The UCAS Scholarship funded by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is available for International Students to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degree, attend courses or conduct research at UCAS campus/CAS institutes.

Scholarship value

The Scholarship consists of both a full scholarship and a partial scholarship.

The full scholarship provides tuition waiver, monthly stipend, basic accommodation and medical insurance; while the partial scholarship covers some items of the Full. Since 2013, the scholarship has been majorly sponsoring Master’s degree candidates. 29.4% of the new international students enrolled in 2015 by UCAS are sponsored by the Scholarship.

Scholarship Duration

Master’s students: no longer than 36 months

Doctoral students: no longer than 36 months

Students on joint programs: 3-24months

Regular and Senior visiting scholars: 6-24 months


*Meet the admission criteria for UCAS international students

*Get recommended by a supervisor and the institute/school which the supervisor is affiliated with.

*Have an appropriate attitude toward learning and scientific research and have outstanding academic performance.

*Have not accepted any other sponsorship at the time of application

Age requirements:

*Master’s degree candidates should be no more than 30 years old.

*Doctoral degree candidates should be no more than 35 years old.

*Students on joint programs: no age limit

*Regular and senior visiting students should be no more than 40 years old.

*Requirements on language level:

*Programs taught in Chinese: Applicants should obtain at least 180 points for Level 5 of new HSK test before registration.

*Programs taught in English: Applicants should have adequate good English proficiency.

*Other requirements on applicants on joint programs:

l  Applicants should be currently studying at higher institutions abroad.

l  The higher institution abroad the applicant is affiliated with should have signed relevant collaboration and exchange agreement with CAS/UCAS/CAS institute.

l  Awarded student should register before the November of 2016.

l  The academic visit to or joint culture at CAS should last for no shorter than 3 months.

Other requirements on visiting scholars:

l  Scholars should register before the November of 2016.

l  Scholars shall be further educated for no shorter than 6 months.

Students who are currently studying at higher institutions in China cannot apply (with exception for this year’s graduates)

Please visit the official website to see the list of documents and more detailed information.

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