Women caring for women international grant

Deadline: May 31, 2016

Value: up to 5,000 USD

women international grant


The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation is a charitable organization that designs and funds sustainable development projects around the world. Established as a Canadian public foundation, it began operating on October 14, 1998.The goal of all of our projects is to promote leadership, self-confidence and self-esteem through the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of health and education focusing on women and children

Although the candidate need not be undertaking studies in her home country, this grant will be awarded to a female student who is a citizen of and currently living in a developing nation. The candidate should indicate that she wishes to attend post-secondary studies and requires financial support in the pursuit of her educational goals. The successful candidate will demonstrate how she has made a positive contribution toward her community.

At least sixty percent of the funds from this award must be applied to tuition, books, school supplies and school fees. The educational institution must provide an invoice for these expenses to the foundation to facilitate payment directly to the institution. The grant may be used to cover expenses for more than one year of studies.

Requirements for women international grant

In 500-1000 words, please write a personal essay, including the following information:

! Where are you from? Tell us about your community, your family, and any challenges you have faced in regards to your living situation or access to education.

! What kinds of obstacles, if any, have you faced in your life?

! What is your chosen program of study? Why is this program important to you?

! What kind of financial support do you have? Are you working to help pay for your education? Do you have any dependents that you must provide for?

! Describe any community involvement or volunteer work you have participated in. You may also include any employment that is related to your field of study or service to your community.

! How have you made a positive contribution toward your community?

! Any other biographical information you would like to share with the selection committee.

Questions may be addressed to [email protected] or call 403 609 5563 Please mail / email one copy of this application by May 31, 2016

Official website and application download

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